Recent Wildfires – Spring 2018


Sorry to not have posted in such a long time, but I was really preoccupied with my classes! Today, I would like to talk about the recent wildfires and ways to support and help the victims.

As many of you know, the wildfires that have been raging through northern CA are still going, and they have afflicted more than hundreds of people. Additionally, they have destroyed thousands of homes, buildings, vineyards, and more, which will all take a while to rebuild. My family and I live in the Los Altos area, which was about 100 miles from the fires. About a week ago, I remember how the smoke from the fires traveled downwards, ultimately creating hazy and cloudy weather. The skies turned gray, and the air smelled like smoke for several days. Unfortunately, mankind has not created a way to prevent tragedies like this, but, please feel free to donate to all of the victims of these fires. You all can help these people by donating money, praying for them, donating blood, and more. Here are some websites that can be used to donate through:



Please pray for these victims, and offer support to them. Thank you all!

Hannah Hwang


“Helping others might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”.    -Unknown

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