Preparing for a Canaan School Visit – April 2018

Hello everyone.

3 Generation Education has been incredibly busy over the past few weeks, and there is lots that will be happening very soon! A couple of months ago, we were officially recognized as a nonprofit by the California government, a huge step for us.  As an organization, our first aid to a school in need will be a generator and a laptop.  Some of the Board will make a trip to Haiti in April.  During our visit, we hope to make these available to the school.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Bill and Judy Long, Fred Moses, Karen Grossman, and Ji and David Hwang, we have received enough to fund both the generator and the laptop.

In February, my mom and I traveled back to MA, to have an official board meeting. We met up with all of the board members, who have been so helpful and dedicated to this organization, and we talked about future plans for this nonprofit. Also, I look very fancy, because I participated in a Korean Arts Festival, in which we explained all about what Koreans do during the New Year. I have attached both photos below!

Meanwhile, Jina has decided to collect art supplies for the kids there, such as colored pencils, sharpeners, coloring books, etc… We are all excited for her to become part of this group! She has already gotten several donations with the help of her school friends, and we will be collecting them until April 3rd. Also, with my club at school, we are collecting clothing, certain kindles, donations, and will also have several fundraisers. We will be having a bake sale this coming Monday, and hope to generate around $100. All of the proceeds will go towards getting reading material for the students in Canaan. We have also gotten 12 Kindles, and are in the process of downloading French texts to bring with us.

Regarding the trip, we already have about 9 people joining us for this life-changing memorable experience. We would like to thank them for their continuous support in this.  We are all so excited!  If you would like to help us, use the Donate button on the home page.  Please share this website with your friends and family. Help us raise awareness regarding our organization!

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