Installation of solar power and SmartBoard

  Standing under the shade of a small tree next to the health clinic, we watched as the giant pole carrying the towering solar panel swayed back and forth.  The men and teenagers gripping the pole were dripping sweat, reaching as far up the pole as their arms could extend, shouting orders to each other, while onlookers cheered in excitement.  We stood nervously, urging the 400-pound panel to not shift and slip out of everyone’s hands, but as more people grabbed the long pole, it stabilized and was secured into the ground.  This image of everyone’s hands supporting the structure reminded us of the team effort and collaboration that led to this culmination of solar panels being installed in Canaan, Haiti.  We would like to thank all of our generous donors and partners, Enersa and HaitiFutur, for enabling us to bring solar power and interactive, technology-based SmartBoard learning system to the students of Canaan.  Most importantly, we would like to thank the people of Canaan, Haiti for opening up to us, embracing us as friends and showing us what determination & joy looks like amidst difficult circumstances.  You have been our inspiration throughout this journey.  There is a saying in Creole, “Dye mon, gen mon”: Beyond the mountains, there are mountains.  With support from so many people, we can together climb each mountain that we face.

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