It has been a very long week, but I am excited to say that I had lots of time to think. This week, my teachers talked a lot about beginnings. Beginning with a new teacher, new class, or in my case, a new school and state. That led me to think about why my family and I visited Haiti.

We decided to go, after talking with Arthur Demosthenes, and learning about how we could make an impact on the children and families there. We were introduced to Arthur by church friends, and he later joined our family for dinner. He helped inspire the idea of going to Haiti, and because of him, we learned much from our experiences there.

During the next couple of weeks, I would like to summarize our experiences in Haiti, day by day, so please stay tuned! Thank you for reading this short post, and I hope to be more detailed in the future!


“From small beginnings come big things” – Proverb

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