Our mission is to provide access to sustainable, quality education. We believe in empowering kids to go beyond their circumstance and realize their potential.

Canaan Education Project

There’s a primary school in Canaan, Haiti named Grace School where 280 students are eager to learn but have limited facilities and no electricity. The 12 teachers have access to only a few outdated books. We feel that just bringing more books alone will not help them to improve their learning situation. Something that’s a step beyond that is needed. Our goal is to bring the students of Grace School digital content from all the amazing resources we take for granted. We are partnering with established organizations which are already providing digital content to schools in Haiti and other parts of the world. Their efforts have been proven to work, empowering the potential of the students and decreasing poverty-associated suffering.

Help Canaan Kids Nurture their Passion for Learning!

The students in Canaan usually start their day by lining up to collect water from a cistern at 6:00 in the morning, and then go to school with the hope of one day becoming a teacher, nurse, doctor, truck driver…

We know there are many hardships that they have to endure, but if we can foster their passion for learning with modern technology, we can provide them with hope of a more promising future.

The goal has three parts:

Work with local vendors of solar power and services to install solar panels on the school roofs. This helps promote the local economy, while bringing sustainable power for schools and the community.

Bring Canaan digital educational resources such as (a) interactive projector screens, and (b) servers downloaded with latest digital content, such as Wikipedia and Khan academy in French, using the solar power to connect a collection of computer terminals to the servers.

Train the teachers to fully utilize the technology platform and maintain it.

Financial Goal: $25,000
End Date: The goal is to install one platform by summer of 2019.

We are true believers that education is the great equalizer, and many of us in the US are byproducts of that truth. If we can bring quality education to anywhere in the world, those people have a chance for hope, and the tools to be able to join the 21st century digital economy.

You are invited to walk with us on this beautiful life journey.
Share education, and receive more than you ever imagined in return.

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