First Trip to Haiti – 2017

In July 2017, we first went to Haiti with little knowledge and no expectations. Prior to moving from Massachusetts to California, just wanted our girls to experience life in a poor country so they could better appreciate what we had. Instead, what we experienced served as a catalyst for the formation of 3 Generation Education.

The comments from our family members after the trip demonstrate the impact this visit to Canaan had:

“Haiti has taught me that it is a very hard place to live, but people here have found a way to work together and live a good life (not a comfortable life, but a life filled with friends and community). But there is still a lot of need, and if we can find ways to teach these people how to fish, rather than giving them fish, they could blossom. They just need some help to get started. While I was here, I felt extremely hot, but I also felt the warmth of the people.”

– Dave

“I learned to be humble, and that we are all actually one people. The people in Haiti trust each other and help each other. Real wealth comes from sharing with one another. I especially enjoyed working in the kitchen with the lunch ladies to prepare lunch for Canaan children. Our hearts were filled with the joy from the sharing. “

– Ji

“I have learned that resources that we often take for granted, such as water, food, clothes and school education, are valuable and should not be taken for granted. I have also learned that materials can’t buy happiness because although the people here have nothing, they have happiness and joy. While I was here in Haiti, I was very hot, but I’m happy that I came because I experienced another culture. Painting and drawing murals on the 6th grade classroom that we helped to build was fun.”

– Jina

“This trip has left me with a brand-new perspective on the reality of people’s lifestyles. I had never realized how fortunate I was to grow up in these surroundings, but this experience both surprised and inspired me to incite change. I made lasting memories with the people there, and proved to myself that I could help people have as many opportunities as possible, regardless of their circumstances. I cannot wait to continue this work for years to come, and I know that it will have a profound impact on the lives of future generations.”

– Hannah