Three Generation Education

“We are more alike

than we are unalike”

-Maya Angelou

Donate Education

“Compassion is something we all need to receive and give.”

Catherine Pulsifer

Donate Education

Three Generations of people from one community sharing with those in need from another community, and in the process, both communities learn from each other and grow.

Our Recent Stories

Library Project

Over the past few years, the Covid-19 pandemic along with the political instability in Haiti had made it difficult for our family to go on our annual trips to visit the school and Canaan village. As you may know, over the past 6 years, our family has been sharing our lives with the people of […]


Installation of solar power and SmartBoard

  Standing under the shade of a small tree next to the health clinic, we watched as the giant pole carrying the towering solar panel swayed back and forth.  The men and teenagers gripping the pole were dripping sweat, reaching as far up the pole as their arms could extend, shouting orders to each other, […]


Jewelry Making Class

The last two trips to Canaan gave me the seed for a question. The gift/knowledge that I have, is it possible to share with others who so lack basic resources to help them in some way? With the sharing grace of the Metalwerx community in Waltham, Massachusetts, we made wedding rings for the brides in […]



During our first trip to Haiti, our family got to see how the kids living in Canaan were lacking simple materials for the school such as pencils, markers, and books. Once seeing their passion for education and their diligence in school, our family decided that the next time we would visit Haiti, we would bring […]


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